Personalized special strategies.

Franklin Gomes Advogados is a highly specialized office in Criminal Law and Intellectual Property, with a focus on individualized advocacy and acting based on the tailor made and artisan concept. Each case is treated in a unique and special way, receiving all the attention and dedication of the designated team to study it, which, in turn, always counts on the direct participation of the founding member.

Criminal Law

We have in-depth knowledge in Criminal Law, especially in matters involving economic crimes (money laundering, tax evasion, smuggling and misconduct, crimes against taxation and consumer relations, among others) and those related to sports and entertainment activities (fraud, scalping, criminal association etc.). We act strategically, aligning the procedural experience and the corporate vision that guides our advocacy.

Intellectual Property

Our expertise in Intellectual Property reveals itself in the excellence of guiding complex and well-structured cases, as a result of the deep knowledge of issues involving trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs, software, trade dress, unfair competition, etc. Civil actions) and administrative (before organs such as BPTO – Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office) and extrajudicial (notices and negotiations). The preparation of studies and opinions is also part of our work.

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Our mission is focused on meeting customer needs, with a business and multidisciplinary approach in the analysis of cases for structuring and development of lawsuits, preparatory measures, legal opinions and theses involving the rights related to Intellectual Property and Criminal Law.


Our philosophy has a beginning, a middle and an end in customer-driven action, its immediate and immediate goals, not just the civil action itself. Thus, we prioritize direct contact, seeking to establish a constant communication that allows us to understand your needs and act in line with your objectives.


Our vision is the constant search for the balance between the use of available judicial and extrajudicial means and the expected practical effect, with a view to the desired result for our clients. For this, the maximization of available human and financial resources is a premise.

Is a highly specialized office in Criminal Law and Intellectual Property, with a focus on individualized advocacy and acting based on the tailor made and artisan concept.


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Avenida Paulista, 326 - 9˚ Andar - São Paulo, SP - Brasil


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