Unauthorized Copies, Violations and Reproductions

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Obtaining the registration of a trademark, patent (invention or utility model) or industrial design, the ownership of an item protected by copyright and the protection of industrial or commercial secrets represent the greater good of a company.

Obtaining – and maintaining – the exclusiveness of the exploitation of the rights arising from those titles or records is a prize for the creative, innovative and inventive effort. After all, these so-called immaterial or intellectual assets are means to attract and retain customers and partners, generating foreign exchange and economic growth, and not limited to business, but are reflected in the development of an entire nation.

On the other hand, the violation of rights related to Intellectual Property can generate damages, search and seizure of goods and products and obligation to cease commercial or industrial activities considered illegal.

We have solid experience working in cases of high complexity, with a detailed and in-depth technical analysis of the existence or non-existence of intellectual property rights, in order to identify the best strategy for facing third-party attacks or even to defend the freedom to use assets that do not contemplate items protected in the scope of intellectual property.

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