Unfair Tactics in the Business World

Market place competition is increasingly fierced and requires competitors to constantly develop tactics, which range from designing new products and services as well as their betterment to the use of new and innovative strategies of monitoring and to the door of the customer, with the purpose of attracting or upkeeping.

Competition law is a constitutional premise, that is, the existence of free competition is not only sound; It is fostered, since it constitutes a prominent agent in the economic, social and industrial development of democratic countries.

Thus, the use of strategies to attract customers and compete in the market place is prestigious – as long as it does not involve unfair acts.

“Dirty gambling in market place disputes is always forbidden. The protection that is offered is the freedom to compete and maintain a fair market. ”

The illegal or fraudulent diversion of customers, the use of unfair tactics through sponsored links or meta-tags, with brand, corporate name or slogan of competitors, are examples of practices considered unfair and that may imply civil sanctions (search and seizure, products or campaigns off the air, damages, etc.) and criminal, since, in Brazil, unfair competition can, in most cases, result in the arrest of those who have practiced it.

Similar packaging, store fronts and internal layout, alignment of colors and elements are issues related to competition – which, depending on the case, can be disloyal.

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