Legal and Extra-Legal Notices

Speed an Officer for Conflict Resolution

We prepare legal and extra-legal notices and counter-notices related to trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names, business names, industrial designs, software, etc., in order to obtain the abstention of violations or defend the legality of acts practiced by our customers.

This elaboration is preceded by an in-depth study of the case, collection of evidence and interview with the client, to identify the best strategy to be adopted, based on the effectiveness and speed of obtaining the desired result, without leaving aside a forecast. The next possible steps and the projection of scenarios to be faced eventually.

Audits, inspections and regulatory processes

Regulated sectors are subject to daily oversight by public administration bodies, which may result in TUFs (Single Inspection Terms), Infractions and Notices, which require a rapid and forceful response. The field of legislation and the various rules governing the administrative procedure, such as certification, registration of products and services, allow an assertive analysis of the acts of the inspection agents, in order to minimize the possible impacts of the client’s businesses.

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