Specialists in crimes against Intellectual Property

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We display a high level of expertise in this field, as a result of our actions in cases involving trademark, patent and copyright crimes, unfair competition, industrial designs, business name and software.

Our credibility is the result of the intense performance in the area, which has enabled a significant accumulation of experience in the most diverse segments and sectors, with an active participation in the development of measures and actions for national and international companies.

Our technical knowledge and our academic dedication to the study of crimes against Intellectual Property allow us to develop successful theses and to develop differentiated strategies for the exercise of rights and for the defense in accusations involving these crimes.

What are crimes against Intellectual Property?

Trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs, business name, software, unfair competition:

all objects of protection in the civil sphere as much as in the criminal sphere.

Como atuamos


The police investigation is the main instrument for the collection of evidence of the occurrence of crime and its authorship, conducted by the Civil Police or the Federal Police. The defense lawyer’s role from the outset is essential.


The criminal proceedings begin with the prosecutor’s information. This information must comply with a number of requirements and have a probable cause. Defense from the outset can identify the absence of fundamental requirements and enable its premature closure.


In some cases, only the victim can press charges against the offender. In these cases, there are special rules and its nonobservance can ruin the chances of having a criminal conviction. We have recognized experience in conducting special complaints.


Used with undeniable frequency in criminal investigations, searches and seizures can not be granted by the judge without due justification, nor be generic: they must be specific and limited.

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Is a highly specialized office in Criminal Law and Intellectual Property, with a focus on individualized advocacy and acting based on the tailor made and artisan concept.


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