International Trade

Supervision at ports and airports

Despite the commitment of the customs authorities, the entry of illegal products across borders is still a problem in Brazil.

Thousands of products enter Brazil daily through ports and airports, most lawfully, that is, with the proper tax classification, through the payment of taxes and without violating the rights of third parties.

Ports and airports, however, are also used for the introduction, in the country, of products that violate third party trademarks, copyrights, patents or industrial designs. Such products are distributed internally and enter popular stores or mingle with other originals.

Barring the entry of illegal products already at the time of its arrival in Brazil is, of course, the best way to combat the trade of pirated products. After all, collection after supplying has been done to stores around the country is like wiping ice.

Strategic Effectiveness

Aim at the problem at its source

With the use of available legal resources and the mobilization of contacts in the main ports and airports of the country, our office works together with the customs authorities (preventive and repressive), providing essential support to supervise, retain, apprehend and request the penalty of loss for any and all merchandise that, when entering Brazilian territory, violates the rights of our customers.

Our support is exercised in the course of administrative proceedings (civil or criminal).

We also work on the release of unduly retained or seized cargo, imparting the speed required by the globalized world, thus a differential of our performance.

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