Como enfrentar a pirataria

Strategy and global vision as allies

Franklin Gomes Advogados has the expertise of its founding partner, lawyer and industrial property agent with more than 15 years of experience in thousands of cases related to piracy that involved extrajudicial, civil and criminal measures and were carried out by companies of international reputation in the most diverse segments (toys, medicines, cosmetics, clothing, watches, auto parts, etc.).

This wide experience allows a deep knowledge not only of technical-legal issues, but also of the Brazilian and worldwide market, contributing to the quality of the exclusive and specific strategic plans developed for each client.

We offer a differentiated action in the fight against piracy, focused on the practicality and effectiveness of the confrontation, with maximization of resources and proposition of intelligent and modern solutions to obtain the best results.


Almost two decades of action in thousands of cases involving piracy, from strategic development to the operationalization of actions.


Our extensive network of contacts and employees contributes to the execution of strategic action plans.


Deep knowledge of Criminal and Criminal Procedural Law, which favors the implementation of measures of greater scope, not limited to precautionary measures of search and seizure.

Customer focus

Analysis of objectives and setting of goals focused on specific client´s needs, with definition of deadlines, expected results, in a realistic and transparent way, with constant follow up.

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Is a highly specialized office in Criminal Law and Intellectual Property, with a focus on individualized advocacy and acting based on the tailor made and artisan concept.


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