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Criminal Law can impact your sporting events

A new and specific legislation was conceived and implemented in the wake of the last edition of the FIFA World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, with the inclusion of criminal aspects, such as ambush marketing. In addition, there are a variety of laws that regulate sports and entertainment activities that also bring criminal law to the heart of the discussions.

Our office has extensive experience in dealing with crimes related to sports and entertainment activities and in interpreting instruments such as the Fan Statute, ensuring the necessary support for decision making. We act in defense or prosecution in criminal proceedings, police investigations, searches and seizures and arrest warrants.

Our Support

We have a deep expertise and have handle several well-known cases during the Fifa World Cup 2014 and Olympic Games, both held in Brazil. We help global and local companies dealing with criminal implications.

Sports event

Sale and resale of tickets, hospitality packages and sponsorship are among the activities and products that may have impact and criminal reflex in accordance with Brazilian legislation. Understand what can and cannot be done.


Music Concerts, shows, plays, tournaments, games. Can I market tickets to my website? Can I broker sales? What to do with purchased and unused tickets? Contact us. We are ready to give you guidance.

Hospitality Services

Does the integration of hospitality services with sporting events and games, when the supplier is not an official sponsor or organizing entity, can create criminal risks? Our team evaluates possible criminal reflexes and offers guidance.

Name and brands

Is the use of brand names and trademarks related to the event allowed? Are there any risks? Can I disclose material that makes direct, indirect reference? What are the criminal risks? We are experts in such issues.


We have a team of experts in criminal law. Talk with us!

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