Preventive Advice And Consultation in Criminal Law

Identification of Risks and Adjustments to Meet Legality

The increasing number of criminal law courses currently selected by the legislature and the authorities dealing with criminal matters without due respect to the narrow role that this branch should play in society requires a critical eye of the interpreter.

Deep knowledge, not only of the current legislation, but an insider view of our courts and the client’s business, is core for a preventive guidance in Criminal Law.

Franklin Gomes Advogados is prepared to advise its clients on all aspects of the crimes included in its area of ​​operation, minimizing the incidence of criminal law.

The Company Protection

Criminal Law can grant your Business Healthy

Analyzing the relationships that occur in the business environment allows us to better understand and identify behaviors that may have criminal impacts. We have expertise in recognizing criminal implications that harm our clients’ rights can generate, designing the best strategy to access the authorities that deals with criminal matters, ensuring greater effectiveness in defending the violated rights. FALE CONOSCO

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Is a highly specialized office in Criminal Law and Intellectual Property, with a focus on individualized advocacy and acting based on the tailor made and artisan concept.


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