Economic Criminal Law

Business as Crime Target

The idea that criminal law has as its sole purpose the protection of freedom, life and property is surpassed. Today, we recognize that the Criminal Law’s mission is to protect the most valuable assets for the human person.

Over the years, human evolution and globalization have brought new interests to light, thus promoting undeniable changes as to how we attribute to goods as we know, as well as creating new values ​​and civil rights.

Many of these new values ​​and civil rights were considered, by debatable criteria, worthy of protection in the criminal sphere, which means, in the event of their transgression, there would be possibility for punishment.

In this context, criminal law appears detached or quite distant from that traditionally known. Criminal Law seeks to fill gaps which previously were only done by regulating agencies, with many issues covered only by Administrative Law and where prison sentence seemed incompatible.

In the case of the Economic Criminal Law, which protects collective assets and, fundamentally the economic order, there is more and more conduct that has come to be considered criminal in the last decades.

There are several behaviors that are part of what has been called the Economic Criminal Law, especially money laundering, evasion of foreign currency, crimes against economic relations, against the financial system, against economic order and against Taxation.

Our office has the expertise and technical knowledge to lead cases involving conduct related to Economic Criminal Law, both for the preparation of opinions and for the exercise of rights or defense in judicial measures and criminal investigations.

No caso do Direito Penal Econômico, que protege bens coletivos e, fundamentalmente, a ordem econômica, há cada vez mais condutas que passaram a ser consideradas criminosas nas últimas décadas.

São diversos os comportamentos que fazem parte do que se convencionou chamar de Direito Penal Econômico, com destaque para a lavagem de dinheiro, a evasão de divisas, os crimes contra as relações econômicas, contra o sistema financeiro, contra a ordem econômica e contra a ordem tributária.

Nosso escritório conta com expertise e conhecimento técnico para a condução de casos envolvendo condutas relacionadas ao Direito Penal Econômico, tanto para a elaboração de pareceres quanto para o exercício de direito ou defesa em medidas judiciais e investigações criminais.

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