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Every defendant has the constitutional right to be assisted by a lawyer during acts involving the commission of any crime as well as during the investigation. Prison is undoubtedly the exception to the exception, and should be enacted and maintained only if there are no adequate alternative precautionary measures. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to design the best strategy for your defense.

Care in dealing with criminal matters is critical and coupled with experience, it can determine the success or failure of a strategy. Here we put our knowledge in the service of the client, in a very personal and confidential way.


The police investigation is the main instrument for the collection of evidence of the occurrence of crime and its authorship, conducted by the Civil Police or the Federal Police. The defense lawyer’s acting from the outset is essential.


The criminal proceeding begins with the complaint made by the prosecutor. This complaint must comply with a number of requirements and bear a just cause. Defense from the outset can identify the absence of fundamental requirements and enable its premature closure.


In some cases, only the victim can sue the person charged with the crime. Such cases are under special rules; which nonobservance may generate unfeasible suits. We have recognized expertise in actions of this nature.


Applied with undeniable frequency in criminal investigations, searches and seizures can not be granted by the judge without due cause, nor be generic: they must be specific and limited.



Known as a 'heroic remedy', Habeas Corpus is the main instrument of defense against unlawful imprisonment or its threat, as well as against police investigations, denunciations and criminal proceedings without just cause.



The immediate presence of the lawyer is the right of the defendant and therefore fundamental so that no illegality is committed. Our experience will ensure that the rights of our clients are respected and that only measures permitted by law are taken.



The indictment is the signaling of the police authority that there are enough elements to link the investigated individual to the crime being investigated. It is an act that requires proper motivation.

Criminal Hearings

To master procedural rules in conducting complex cases along with argumentative capacity in defense of the rights of our clients adds up to the careful preparation for the performance in hearings set out in the criminal courts.

Enforced Depositions

No one is obliged to produce evidence against oneself or even give any kind of deposition, especially without the presence of a criminal lawyer, who will ensure respect for rights and the best technical guidance on the correct path to follow.

Nosso trabalho é artesanal.

We act in a personalized manner, designing for each case entrusted to us a winning defense.

Custody Hearing

Every citizen has the right to be heard by the judge soon after his arrest. The presence of the lawyer at the custody hearing is essential, once the decision to maintain the prison (with the conversion of the prison into preventive arrest), its revocation or the granting of provisional release takes place during it.

Criminal investigation

Despite the initial steps of a criminal investigation being under Police care, legal assistance is crucial because during its execution, extremely strict measures can be taken, which harm not only the freedom but also the defendant´s property.

Provisional Release / Bail / Parole

The general rule is: Everyone has the right to respond to any criminal charges in freedom. Pre-trial detention is the exception and should only be applied in cases where it is impossible to apply alternative precautionary measures.

Police Inquiry Lockout

Conducting a police investigation cannot be done by whim or based on mere allegations. The absence of just cause for the criminal investigation allows the litigation of its immediate lockup.

Interrogation Tracking

The interrogation is an extremely important moment for the defense, as it is also the opportunity for the defendant to give his version of the facts. The rules of conduct of the act require preparation and experience so that it does not become deterring to defense.

Oral Supports

Proceeding speeches reach its peak in the presentation of the defense in the court room and in the oral submissions before the courts. The ability to be objective, efficient and effective in persuasion of the Court of the accused’s oral rights in the presence of judges, D.As and ministers is essential.

Downgrading Incarceration conditions

Under the Criminal Enforcement Act, this measure gives the prisoner the possibility of moving from the most grievous penalty regime to the least burdensome, until he/she reaches freedom. The performance of the defense is essential for the guarantee of this right.

Resources Against Criminal Convictions

The right to have the conviction reviewed by higher courts, called a double jurisdiction, it is the opportunity to have the case reviewed by more experienced judges, thus obtaining a collegial decision, that is, more than one judge.

Police Notification

Police authority has the prerogative to summon witnesses, victims and even suspects who have any relation to crimes under investigation. Prior access to the records, by a trusted criminal lawyer, is a constitutional guarantee.

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