Strategic data collection

A growing and decisive need

For the development of any measure, especially a repressive or even preventive procedure, the use of modern and effective means of collection, investigation and lawful investigation of data, facts and information can be responsible (and usually is) for the success or failure of the civil action.

In this context, the rigidity of ethical and moral values ​​must be under absolute legality.

An accurate work method, focused on the client and able to provide the complete understanding of the question and the objectives pursued, plays out a central role in defining the best actions to be taken.

This service, carried out with excellence and expertise as well as prioritizing  actions, such as obtaining information and connections to support the litigation related to our branches, also provides preventive consultancy, through specialized information security partners, so that your business is fully guarded in the virtual world.

We also coordinate, with specialized collaborators, the carrying out of complex investigations for the structuring of lines of defense or prosecution in civil and criminal judicial proceedings.

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